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XRS2 Stick Reader

XRS2 Stick Reader

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XRS2 Stick Reader

Answering the call for a truly portable, handheld EID reader that was comfortable to use over long periods of time, stock management specialist Tru-Test has developed the XRS2 Stick Reader.

Suitable for cattle, sheep and deer, the fast charging XRS Stick Reader also offers superior battery performance.

The XRS2 Stick Reader is designed to easily interface with your weigh scale by automatically transferring scanned IDs using a Bluetooth® wireless connection or cable.

Capable to both alert on specific animals such as those within a withholding period and to capture traits such as condition score, the XRS2 Stick Reader gives you intelligence at your fingertips.

 Comfortable to use for long periods with a lightweight balanced design
 Keep going with up to 19 hrs battery life
 Fast tag reading with feedback through vibrating handle
 Wirelessly connect with your weigh scale or Smartphone using Bluetooth
 Easily download recorded information with your PC or Android™ smartphone
 Alert on specific animals such as those in a withholding period
 Capture additional information such as condition score


•Reads all ISO HDX and ISO FDX-B tags. Compatible with NAIT and NLIS tags.
•Large memory. 20,000 scanned tag memory
•Wireless connection. Bluetooth Class 1 wireless technology to connect to weigh scale or other devices up to 100m away.
•Long life and fast charging battery. Up to 19 hours of push to read, 9.5 hours of continuous read. Only 3 hours to recharge using the supplied mains power adaptor.
•Software supplied. Comes with EziLink PC software for downloading recorded information and configuring the reader.
•Data Link app for Android smartphones. Email session files back to the office.
•Superior read performance. Up to 1,100 reads per minute.
•Read distance. HDX up to 330 mm, FDX up to 350 mm.
•Range of data capture. Capture data such as health treatments or condition scores
•Customisable. Set alerts for pre-chosen animals. Options to display a visual ID for scanned animals and to discard duplicate ID’s.
•Easy to see. Clear feedback with daylight viewable display, bright status lights and vibrating handle.
•Long reach. Its 650 mm reach length enables you to keep a safe distance when scanning lively animals
•Lightweight. At only 706g with racket style balance design it is comfortable to use over long periods
•Rugged design. All Tru-Test products are proven for the tough agricultural environment with a IP67 waterproof design.


Technical Specification


650 mm


706 g, including battery

Battery Life

Up to 19 hours

Charging Time

3 hours in normal conditions

Tag Compatibility


Reading Distance

HDX up to 330 mm, FDX up to 350 mm

Read Rate

Up to 1,100 reads per minute


20,000 scanned tag memory
























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