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Uddertech Remote Holster - Appleton Steel

Uddertech Remote Holster - Appleton Steel

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Uddertech Remote Holster - Appleton Steel

Do you need a way to protect your chute remote?  The fabric case protects it and keeps your remote handy. There is a flap with velcro that holds it in, and the clear vinyl front allows you to read the buttons and run your chute without removing it. 


  • Clear vinyl window allows easy view
  • Hand wash & hang dry
  • Waterproof nylon protects phone from moisture (not watertight)

Dimensions: 10" x 3.5" x 1.5"

It has a clear vinyl front that you can push the buttons and run a touchscreen through. The top opens and has a velcro closure. There is a hole at the bottom for the hook on the remote to stick out so you can use the lanyard to hang it by.

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