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Portek Terror Kite/Hawk Bird Scarer

Portek Terror Kite/Hawk Bird Scarer

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Portek Terror Kite/Hawk Bird Scarer

Due to its design the durable hawk kite is constantly altering it flight pattern, height and speed depending on the strength of the wind, preventing birds becoming accustomed and will protect approximately 20 acres of land from pigeon attack.
The hawk can also be swapped for the mini kite (included) to give more variation. Both kite and hawk have reflective eyes for greater effect and the frame poles on both locate into strong rubber pockets to prevent wear and damage to the fabric. The extendable 7m pole is reinforced with metal rings at each section for increased durability. The pole is then simply fitted to the three solid 1m glassfibre stakes which are driven into the ground to provide sturdy support.

• Quick to put up and take down (matter of minutes) – time saving device
• Does not upset neighbours or livestock with loud bangs
• Pole mounted – Self launching
• Virtually maintenance free

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