BD Wood Briquettes

BD Wood Briquettes

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BD Wood Briquettes

BD Wood Briquettes are the best alternative to Verdo Briquettes. They are in fact made in the exact same factory, using the same raw material and the same production process. They are these same Briquette in all but name!

The briquettes are supplied in easily managed packs, each containing 6 briquettes and weighing approximately 10kg. The dimensions of BD Wood Briquettes are 7cm x 7cm x 30cm (length) approximately. The briquettes are brittle and can easily be broken by hand for smaller stoves. There are 96 packs on each full pallet – total pallet weight around 960kgs. Each log can burn for between 2 to 3 hours depending on the air controls of the stove.

They are currently being delivered unbranded!


96 packs/pallet

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