KVK 650 - SP2

KVK 650 - SP2

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KVK 650 - SP2


Model 650-SP 2
◾Hydraulic harness hoist
◾Hydraulic lift adjusts chute working height
◾Hydraulic functions are moderated to eliminate the risk of injury to the animal
◾Hot-dip galvanized frame
◾The unit is fitted with efficient working lights
◾Hydraulic adjustment of all 4 supporting legs

Accessories available:
◾Hydraulically-operated front gate
◾Return flow brake fitted on leg hoist
◾Fixed windlass to pull cow into the chute.
◾Adjustable hoof support plate

Technical data:
Model 650-SP 2
Length x width: 220 x 145 cm
Height: 190 cm
Height, on supporting legs: 230 cm
Height, on wheels: 197 - 210 cm
Standing length L1: 189 cm
Standing length L2: 166 cm
Entrance (W x H): 84 x 165 cm
Weight: 650 kg
Electric motor: 2,2 kW



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