KVK 650 -SP0

KVK 650 -SP0

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KVK 650 -SP0


 Model 650-SP O Manual/El
 Built to accommodate livestock weighing 200–900 kg. 

Engineered to provide optimum comfort for livestock during trimming.
 This model operates at low noise levels and are easy to maintain.

This chute is the ideal solution, meeting the highest standards for fast and efficient hoof trimming..
◾Efficient and ergonomical hoof restraint
◾Simple to use
◾Sturdy and reliable construction
◾Hot-dip galvanized frame

Model 650-SP O
◾Fitted with a front harness hoist controlled by an electric motor.
◾This product provides unmatched flexibility, ensuring that the trimmer has the ideal working posture. The chute can be manually adjusted to five different working heights at 8 cm intervals.

Technical data:
Model 650-SP 0
Length x width: 225 x 145 cm
Height: 190 cm
Height, on supporting legs: 215 cm
Height, on wheels: 197-210 cm
Standing length L1: 189 cm
Standing length  L2: 166 cm
Entrance (W x H): 84 x 165 cm
Weight: 500 kg
Electric motor: 1,1 kW







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